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Imagine opening a wardrobe full of clothes you love. You can’t wait to get dressed.
You’ve nailed your personal style; it reflects your essence, flatters your figure and is right for your day. You make confident choices – no more duff buys you never wear.

Or is there a different picture..? You look in the mirror and you’re not sure who you see. Shopping’s a chore and nothing looks right.

Could it be you’re at a point of change? Ready for reinvention but not sure where to start. You want to look great and feel like you, without too many rules (because, quite honestly, you’re tired of that).

I guide midlife women on colour, style, wardrobe editing, personal shopping and dressing for those tricky events like weddings, interviews and dating. So if you’re ready to awaken your authentic style, let’s talk...
Sarah Morgan, Personal Stylist
Quote mark Dress and think like the person you want to be. One day, she’ll be staring you back in the mirror Quote mark


I’m shy, happier on the sidelines, the one who quietly watches.

Or that’s what I always told myself.

Then a few years ago, gusting 50, I had a desire to be ‘seen’. I wanted to stop worrying what everyone thought and jump into life feet first.

And it struck me: ‘If not now, then when?’

So I changed everything, but mostly I changed how I think. Feeling good in my clothes was part of that reinvention. I decided to dress and think like the person I wanted to be. Then, one day, there she was, staring me back in the mirror.

I’m a qualified journalist and image consultant. I also Feng Shui Your Wardrobe, a transformational way of dressing that respects your essence and intention, as well as the practical stuff. My approach is individual and I love to break the rules. But it helps if you know them first...

My own style is contemporary, creative and comfortably shod. I only wear what I love.

I live on the north Norfolk coast. My favourite things are fresh air, birdsong, beach walks and carrot cake. All the better when shared with friends.

If you’d like to work with me, do give me a call.
Quote mark It’s good to know the rules. Then it’s more fun when you break them... Quote mark


Energise With Colour £150
‘Having your colours done’ is nothing short of miraculous. Learn which colours make you look great – or not - with no banned colours or rigid rules. A consultation looks at clothing, accessories, hair colour, jewellery and spectacles, plus a make-up lesson and colour swatch. I work one-to-one, or get together with friends for an inspiring day.

Personal Shopping £50 per hour.
Together we decide what you need. Then I do the foot-slogging around the shops, you meet me in the changing rooms and try it all on. It really is that simple...

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
Learn how to dress for your essence, your intention, your shape and colouring. Sign up to my newsletter for forthcoming workshops. Or find out more on Facebook.
Colour & Style Awakening £250
Energise with Colour, followed by a bespoke style overhaul. You will understand your style essence, your body shape and proportions, what to wear, how to wear it and who you really are. It covers clothing, hair, make-up, and accessories. Shopping will be easy and you will have confidence in the choices you make.

Wardrobe Clarity £150 (three hours)
You have too much stuff and don’t wear half of it... I will edit your wardrobe with you so you understand why you love (or loathe) certain items. You’ll learn about your body shape, I’ll put together outfits that you may not have thought of and create a shopping list to fill any gaps. You’ll gain a sense of lightness and clarity.

Gift Vouchers
Treat someone special to a gift that will last a lifetime. Contact me for details.
Quote mark Because if not now, then when? Quote mark


"I loved today. You were so informative and funny and I felt so comfortable with you. I am really excited about my new colours. I love them all."
"I am now the person I always should have been, the person I started to rediscover the day I came to see you for a style consultation. My life has changed so much since that day, so much good has happened."
Jane Moore
"Got to work, the technician said ' You look nice - what's different?' Then another colleague said 'You look great today'. So, there we go - I am feminine, glamorous and sparkly!"
"I'm going to go through my wardrobe item by item and ditch things that are wrong – and now I understand why. The new me is underway!"
"I had so much fun and felt really inspired and refreshed. You’ve given me the confidence to be myself."


Ready to awaken your style?
Let’s get started...

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